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The housing market is healthy in Australia – but strength isn’t always a value. According to an ABC News report, the nation boasts the second largest price-to-income ratio in the world (trailing only Hong Kong). High costs and limited properties have created a genuine seller’s environment.

Alex McDougall Carpentry recognises the potential problems that come with this environment, however – with buyers having to weigh their options with care, seeking properties that actually cater to their needs. They’ll only invest their dollars into worthwhile homes. By adding timber decking in Bunbury, our clients can now create those homes.

Timber decking in Bunbury is an ideal way to attract potential buyers. It serves as an extension of the lounge and allows individuals to take better advantage of their entire property – maximising space and increasing overall entertainment opportunities. It creates an indoor-to-outdoor flow that engages, inspires, and ensures everyday convenience.

This appeals to buyers, offering them the outdoor functionality they crave. In a competitive market, they’re more willing to devote their time (and dollars) to homes that optimise every square foot.

Alex McDougall Carpentry will help our clients create inviting spaces. We create custom timber decking in Bunbury, Margaret River, Harvey, and beyond. To learn more contact our team today on 0-429-032-971 or via