Beat the Summer Heat, with a Set of Pergolas in Bunbury

If you want to provide a bit of shade to your home’s outdoor living spaces, but don’t want to lose the warmth and light of the sun entirely, a pergola might be the perfect compromise. Pergolas are usually frameworks or archways with slatted roofs. They provide enough shade to filter out the harshest rays of sunlight, but not so much that you feel like you are indoors when sitting under them.

If this type of compromise sounds ideal for your outdoor living space, Alex McDougall Carpentry can provide design and installation of pergolas in Bunbury. Whether you need a spot for your kids to play outside without being in the direct sunlight or a spot where you can sit and read in the summertime without worrying about sunburn, one of our pergolas is an ideal choice.

Over the years, we’ve found that pergolas are among the most flexible of all outdoor living improvements. Build one over a patio space, in the middle of your front lawn or in the midst of a garden or courtyard. No matter where you put a pergola, it always looks beautiful. Combine this aesthetic factor with the way pergolas help you to ‘beat the heat’ and you have the perfect summertime amenity.

To learn more about pergolas or to get an installation quote for pergolas on your Bunbury property, call Alex McDougall Carpentry on 0429 032 971. We look forward to help you get more use out of your outdoor living space.