Patios to Suit the Style of Your Home in Bunbury

Good patios come in all shapes, sizes, styles and designs. At Alex McDougall Carpentry, we care as much about building a patio that suits the architectural style of your home as we do about any other facet of the process. Our goal with patios in Bunbury is to build something that looks like it could have been there the day you moved into your house. The best additions are the ones that look the most natural, and our patio spaces will always look as natural as we can make them.

Of course, we are also committed to giving you, our customer, precisely the style of patio you want. Do you want a smooth concrete patio floor or an ornate natural stone design? For patio shade, do you want a veranda constructed out of steal or wood? We are a small independently owned and operated business, which means we have time and attention to detail necessary to provide you with a thoroughly personalised service. So tell us what you want out of your patio and we will do our best to bring that vision to life.

Another courtesy that we provide to all clients at Alex McDougall Carpentry is a free, zero-obligation service quote. If you are interested in patio work in Bunbury, call us on 0429 032 971 or click here to fill out our online contact form. We will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience to schedule a consultation at your property, see your patio site and prepare an accurate quotation.