Utilise Your Garden During Every Season. Alex McDougall Carpentry Offers Stylish and Functional Patios in Busselton.

It’s a universal quest. Homeowners seek to expand their spaces, wanting to take advantage of their gardens and create viable entertainment options. Too often, however, does this quest fail – with punishing sun and steady rain rendering outdoor living impossible and people are forced inside.

Alex McDougall Carpentry wishes to change this. That’s why we offer patios in Busselton, providing protection against the elements and delivering all-weather functionality. These options – which pair steel and timber materials to promote long-lasting style – accommodate every season. This is important for the South West region, which experiences fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, and wind speeds:

  • Median High: 18-degrees Celsius
  • Median Low: 14-degrees Celsius.
  • Average Rainfall: 175-mm
  • Average Wind Gusts: 9.6 KPH
  • Mean Sunny Days: 12.3 (Per Month).
  • Mean Cloudy Days: 8.1 (Per Month).

Temperatures and conditions vary each month, leaving many homeowners unable to access their gardens. Patios in Busselton, however, defy extreme heat, cold, and wind – with their sturdy constructions adapting to every day with ease. They allow men, women, and children to redefine their lounge options.

Since 2011, Alex McDougall Carpentry has provided our clients with superior service and exceptional workmanship. We’ve also recognised the need for patios in Busselton, helping homeowners increase their square footage with durable (custom) solutions. Send us an enquiry via our online form. Our team will gladly answer any questions or concerns.