Timber Decks in Busselton Offer Premium Benefits to Homeowners. Contact Alex McDougall Carpentry to Learn More.

Within every renovation exists two simple goals: to achieve a more pleasing aesthetic and to improve the overall functionality of a space. These same goals extend to outdoor living, with homeowners often trying to create a more unified garden atmosphere. Timber decks in Busselton, Donnybrook, Dunsborough, and beyond become essential elements in every remodel.

These options provide essential benefits – delivering designs that are beautiful, durable, and intended for everyday use. They offer:


Timber decks in Busselton and beyond boast natural finishes and rich grain textures, with each piece of wood unique. It creates a softer, more organic garden option.

Temperature Control

Unlike their concrete counterparts, timber decks maintain steadier temperatures – repelling heat instead of absorbing it. This provides comfort for bare feet.

Scratch Resistance

Unlike softwoods or tiles, timber decks are less prone to scratches. This quality helps to extend the quality of every board and reduces peeling, cracking, or splintering.

Low Maintenance

Timber decks demand only periodic care. Power-wash boards to eliminate the chance of stains or scuffs, and apply sealants as needed to maintain each board.

Through these advantages, timber decks in Busselton and beyond offer individuals the form and functionality they crave. They serve as extensions of the living space and simple additions to any home. Request a free quote via our online form today.