How Carports in Bunbury Can Save Your Vehicle from the Harsh Australian Elements

In most cases, Australian climate is agreeable, offering gorgeous summers and mild winters. However, while the summertime temperatures are ideal for outdoor excursions and plenty of time down by the beach, they can put your vehicle to the test.

It’s a wonderful moment each year when the temperature starts to climb and you get to see the sunlight glinting off your car in a way that screams summer. Unfortunately, a whole summer of sunlight glinting off your car can do substantial damage to your vehicle. Just like human skin gets sunburned if exposed to UV radiation for too long, a car’s paint job can start to fade and flake away. Eventually, the vehicle will be left with unsightly oxidisation spots from Australia’s unforgiving sunlight, degrading both the value and beauty of your vehicle.

At Alex McDougall Carpentry, we want to help you keep your car safe from Australia’s harsh elements. For five years, we have been building carports in Bunbury, providing homeowners with a much-needed spot of shade for their vehicles. By giving you a shaded place to park, we can save your car from the effects of too much UV exposure.

The benefits that carports in Bunbury can have for your vehicle aren’t just in the category of UV protection. On the contrary, getting your car in a covered space also safeguards it from rain, sand and other factors that can slowly eat away at the paint job. The result is a car that looks greater for longer—ideal whether you are planning on driving it for years or selling it in 18 months.

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