Thinking about an Addition? Our Carpenters in Donnybrook Can Help

Are you thinking of building an addition or extension on to your current home? If so, contact Alex McDougall Carpentry today. Our carpenters in Donnybrook have more than 10 years of experience and can help you to envision and execute virtually any residential extension.

There are several reasons for why homeowners and families consider home extensions. Perhaps you have a growing family and need extra space to spread out. A baby on the way might push you to the limit with the space you have, or two kids who have been sharing a room for years could finally need space to call their own. AMC can help you build extra bedrooms onto your home, to prepare for your family changes.

Growing families aren’t the only ones that want or need home additions, however. If the kids are starting to drive, you might need carports to store their vehicles. If someone in the family is getting married and you need space to entertain a large group of people, you might be interested in a larger kitchen, extra living space or outdoor patio space.

Alternatively, maybe you finally have the disposable income available to make changes to your house and want to invest it in getting the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Whatever the reason for your addition and whatever the scope of the project, AMC’s carpenters in Donnybrook are happy to speak with you about the job, provide insight and advice or offer a free service quote. To get started, call us today on 0429 032 971.