Get New Life out of Your House, with the Help of the Right Residential Carpenters in Busselton

Whether you have a baby on the way and need more space or just want to feel thrilled to walk through the front door again, you have two options to get more out of the place you call home. The first is to start looking for a new house entirely, but that process is long, stressful and exhausting, and might not even be realistic for you at the moment. The second option is to invest in some renovations and turn the house you have now into the house you’ve always wanted.

At Alex McDougall Carpentry, we are happy to offer our services if you choose to take the second route. We are skilled and qualified carpenters in Busselton and are ready to undertake a wide range of renovation and home improvement tasks. From key interior work, like kitchen renovations or full-scale additions, to outdoor improvements like carports or timber decking, we can help you completely revitalise your property and transform it into a place where you want to live for years to come.

As a privately owned and operated company with five years under our belts, Alex McDougall Carpentry is dedicated to personalised customer service and attention to detail that is second-to-none. Our top goal is to provide high-quality workmanship at competitive rates. Not only can we save you the money and headache it would take to shop for a new home, but we can also offer you a service that is competitive with any other carpenters in the Busselton area.

Are you interested in getting a service quote for a home renovation or addition? Call Alex McDougall Carpentry today on 0429 032 971.