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Change propels the Australian housing market. According to a recent report, homeowners dedicate billions of dollars each year to renovating, revamping, and remodelling their properties. Each of these upgrades delivers premium comfort and …read more .

Seeking a Carpenter in Busselton? Alex McDougall Carpentry Helps Clients Identify the Most Valuable Renovations and Repairs.

Stability has once again returned to the Australian economy. According to the Global Property Guide, housing prices have recently experienced a small surge, rising 11.4%. This reflects the influx of employment opportunities, with a new wave of individuals …read more .

In Need of a Carpenter in Donnybrook, Bunbury, and Beyond? Alex McDougall Carpentry Accommodates West Australia.

Since 2011 Alex McDougall Carpentry has served as West Australia’s premier construction and renovation provider – connecting our clients to precise workmanship, quality materials, and unrivalled attention to detail. We believe that every project (from …read more .

Don’t Settle for Just Any Carpenter in South West, Find a Professionally Registered Builder with AMC

Everyone needs to execute major home remodelling from time to time. Whether it is just to spice things up and give your home a new look or to fix a significant problem that could turn into a safety hazard for you and the other residents of your home, you …read more .

Play it Safe with Timely and Reliable Carpenters in Bunbury through Alex MacDougall Carpentry

Construction and major home renovations is something that becomes periodically necessary for most homeowners. Often the reason for alterations is simply seeking change: you want a new environment to come home to for one reason or another. Another …read more .

Get New Life out of Your House, with the Help of the Right Residential Carpenters in Busselton

Whether you have a baby on the way and need more space or just want to feel thrilled to walk through the front door again, you have two options to get more out of the place you call home. The first is to start looking for a new house entirely, but that process …read more .

Thinking about an Addition? Our Carpenters in Donnybrook Can Help

Are you thinking of building an addition or extension on to your current home? If so, contact Alex McDougall Carpentry today. Our carpenters in Donnybrook have more than 10 years of experience and can help you to envision and execute virtually any …read more .

Where to Look for Qualified and Registered Carpenters in the South West Area

When it comes to finding someone to handle a major construction project, you need to find someone who has relevant experience to qualify them for the job. You also need to make sure that they are a professionally registered builder, certified to handle …read more .

How Carports in Bunbury Can Save Your Vehicle from the Harsh Australian Elements

In most cases, Australian climate is agreeable, offering gorgeous summers and mild winters. However, while the summertime temperatures are ideal for outdoor excursions and plenty of time down by the beach, they can put your vehicle to the test …read more .

Timber Decks in Busselton Offer Premium Benefits to Homeowners. Contact Alex McDougall Carpentry to Learn More.

Within every renovation exists two simple goals: to achieve a more pleasing aesthetic and to improve the overall functionality of a space. These same goals extend to outdoor living, with homeowners often trying to create a more unified garden atmosphere …read more .

Take Full Advantage of Your Property by Installing Decking Around Your Bunbury Home

Everyone loves moving into a new place. The novelty of your new home is something to be excited about for several weeks, if not months. Before long you will find yourself wondering what you can do to the space to bring that sense of novelty back. There …read more .

Add the Highest Quality Decking to Your Busselton Home to Up the Price Before You Sell

When it comes to improving your current home, there are a number of renovations you could consider. There are two major reasons for people to invest in major home renovations. It could be that you moved into a home that offered a lot of features …read more .

Improve Your Home and Improve Your Life by Adding Decking to Your South West Home

One of the biggest points of pride for any homeowner is the act of showing off their home to guests for the first time. Once that wears off, homeowners still love their homes, but they know they need to keep the décor evolving to continue to have something …read more .

Take Advantage of Patios in Bunbury to Improve Your Home’s Market Value. Contact Alex McDougall Carpentry to Learn More.

Outdoor living ‘s hard to resist – with potential home buyers flocking to properties that feature expansive gardens, decks, and patios. These options promise easy entertainment and ample square footage, accommodating families, friends, and more. …read more .

Utilise Your Garden During Every Season. Alex McDougall Carpentry Offers Stylish and Functional Patios in Busselton.

It’s a universal quest. Homeowners seek to expand their spaces, wanting to take advantage of their gardens and create viable entertainment options. Too often, however, does this quest fail – with punishing sun and steady rain rendering outdoor living …read more .

Get a Free Quote Today to See if Getting a Patio in Donnybrook is Within Your Budget

Everyone daydreams from time to time about changes they would consider making to their home, whether that be a new paint job, installing or tearing down a wall, or adding a patio to your Donnybrook home. These are all exciting ventures that can change the …read more .

Install a Patio in Your South West Home with Carpenters that are Friendly and Easy to Work With

Have you ever wanted an outdoor deck or patio? Are you running out of space to entertain your guests? Was an outdoor space to socialise something you sacrificed when you moved into your current home? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those three questions, …read more .

Patios to Suit the Style of Your Home in Bunbury

Good patios come in all shapes, sizes, styles and designs. At Alex McDougall Carpentry, we care as much about building a patio that suits the architectural style of your home as we do about any other facet of the process. Our goal with patios in Bunbury is to …read more .

Enjoy the Outdoors without Risking Sunburn, with Covered Patios in Busselton

Spending time outdoors—and specifically, spending time in the sun—is important for your health. The sun is a vital source of vitamin D and most scientists say that people with high levels of vitamin D are much less likely to struggle with heart disease …read more .

Make Better Use of Your Property’s Outdoor Space, with New Patios in Donnybrook

When you live in a city, your outdoor living space is minimal, if you have any at all. Homeowners living in more rural parts of Australia enjoy a good deal more space to spread out, including big yards and ample outdoor space. However, this space is often …read more .

How Patios in South West Can Help to Protect Your Home from the Elements

When we think of patios, most of us probably start by picturing outdoor seating area. A patio is first and foremost a spot for outdoor gathering or relaxation. However, with a strong bit of workmanship and the right design, your patio can actually double as …read more .

Beat the Summer Heat, with a Set of Pergolas in Bunbury

If you want to provide a bit of shade to your home’s outdoor living spaces, but don’t want to lose the warmth and light of the sun entirely, a pergola might be the perfect compromise. Pergolas are usually frameworks or archways with slatted roofs. They …read more .

Create New Living Space and Improve Property Values with Timber Decking in Bunbury. Contact Alex McDougall Carpentry Today to Learn More.

The housing market is healthy in Australia – but strength isn’t always a value. According to an ABC News report, the nation boasts the second largest price-to-income ratio in the world (trailing only Hong Kong). High costs and limited properties …read more .

Appeal to a More Expansive Buyer Pool with Timber Decking in Busselton. Request a Free Quote from Alex McDougall Carpentry Today.

There is a definitive line between the sexes – with men and women approaching the home buying process with different agendas, seeking decidedly specific (and separate) elements in every property. Compare the top-ranked preference, as noted by IFC Home …read more .

Three Reasons to Invest in Timber Decking for Your Donnybrook Home

Are you looking to expand your home’s living space? Do you want to add resale value to your home? Are you hoping to make changes to the exterior of your house to make it more aesthetically pleasing …read more .

Have Timber Decking Installed in Your South West Home to Double Space for Entertaining Guests

Too often do homeowners that have huge plots of land spend all their time indoors, failing to take advantage of the space available. This is fine for days when you come home after a long day of work and simply wish to lounge in front the television until …read more .

Timber Decks in Bunbury Deliver Undeniable Value. Contact Alex McDougall Carpentry to Learn More.

The pursuit of outdoor living space propels the majority of home searches. Potential buyers assess the span of every garden, imagining how it will adapt to their specific entertainment needs – and those seeking to list their properties will generate …read more .

Keep Pace with the Renovation Trend. Alex McDougall Carpentry Recommends Timber Decks in Busselton, Bunbury, and Beyond.

It’s a series of additions, extensions, and transformations. The Australian housing market is currently undergoing extensive renovation – with homeowners seeking buyer approval by redefining spaces and increasing square footage. According to a recent …read more .

Adding Timber Decks to Your Donnybrook Home Can Help You Up Your Sale Price

Are you looking to sell your current home but are struggling to gain much traction due to the excessive competition on the market? Although it can sound counterintuitive to pump a bunch of money into housing projects if you are trying to unload the house, the …read more .

Add Value to Your Home with New Timber Decks from the South West’s Alex McDougall Carpentry

When you the summer rolls around, you probably want nothing more than to grab a drink, turn off your phone and go sit outside somewhere to relax. You’re not alone, either. Outdoor living is the best kind of living during Australian summers, which is why …read more .